Creating Your Own Article Writing Style Successfully!
Creating Your Own Article Writing Style Successfully!
In the case of successful marketing of your article, your personal style is what will produce results. It's also a known fact that most people are brainwashed into writing in a particular style of writing and that's the way of the people who have succeeded. In reality, just because some people may find success is their own style of writing an article doesn't mean using the same methods can yield the same results. At the end of this article, you'll be able to:
  • Write your OWN style of writing
  • Learn some tips and tricks about what you can use to spice up your article
  • Look for key elements in your article.
The First Step in Finding Your Style: Be You! When you write articles, it's positive to remain professional. Don't do anything you're not though. Being yourself is the first step to successful article writing. What I mean is if you love making people laugh and make them laugh, then you can incorporate some of that in your writing. But be sure to use good, clean humor though. What can you take away from this step? Being yourself is better then to pretend to be someone you are not. In my case, I typically am myself , and even though I value my reader's opinion however, I'm bound to get non-interested readers reading my articles while I am writing. For more detail please visit:- Providing A Few "Visual" Proofing One suggestion I would suggest is to provide some form of media within your writing. It could be videos or audio, but , in the end, pictures are worth 1000 words. So what is this got to do with finding your own writing style? The only thing I am trying to make is to not only utilize general texts. Moving off to a different topic, use bold text to highlight the key elements of your piece, or underline it if you think it's something that should be re-read at least once in a while. In essence, giving the reader the bigger picture in the long term is what you need to do. Analyze Your Keywords Before writing an article, you need to identify the keywords you want to use. This is typically the point where people often become bored and give up eventually. If this sound like it'll raise your boredom levels and make you feel more bored, then article writing might not be for you. Spend about an hour on every piece you write. search some keywords that you think will be best at getting the article indexed through search engines. For instance, if a keyword is able to get around 5,000 search queries per month and is not a lot of competition (I'm talking about 200k-400k) Then you could have found a winning keyword. Once again, its just an idea. However, I would recommend anywhere from 3-4 of these keywords that are strong and 2-3 good long-tail keywords. How many you implement is totally your choice as your looking to find your OWN writing style. Beware of Duplicate Content At All Costs! Recently, it was brought my notice that search engines prefer the idea of penalizing duplicate content. Even though my understanding of duplicate content isn't enough to give you some feedback on it I'm going to suggest that you use it the content at your own discretion. It's entirely your decision, but know the risks that come with it. If you're not aware of what duplicate content is, its simply content that appears to be found on more than one website domain. To information, I believe the best method to avoid this is to publish your article on one domain , or modify the content slightly and then re-post it on another domain. However, remember to do so entirely at risk. Write like it's a one-on-1 meeting... My personal style of writing has led me to this suggestion. It's a recommendation and is meant to make you more open to other routes of writing. Many say it doesn't matter what you do to write your articles the content is all speaking out to the reader. It's true, however my style tends to be that of a person who is speaking to the reader directly. Are you doing Article Marketing? Utilize CTA's If your article is intended to promote something, whether it be the product or service You'll need to incorporate CTA's. CTA is a short meaning of "Call To Action" and is used to convince the reader into performing an action. One example of a CTA would be "Click Here Now" or "Signup for this Program" and so on. When you write your content include these kinds of words and phrases through out your article. "The Final Word As you can see, essay writing has a lot of aspects to take into consideration. When it comes down to it, it's the way you combine these factors and your personal style that will make you successful. I've come across many blogs that explain the best way to compose and why they've succeeded in writing according to their own unique style. To return to what I stated at the start of the article, your own way of doing things will help your business with the best results. Joining in with the crowd will generally be a failure. However, on the other hand there are those who find success. In closing this article I would suggest asking yourself these four questions to determine your own writing style. 1. Am I being myself? Am I writing in the manner I would speak to teach others? 2. Am I using the right keywords that I feel at ease using? Are these keywords powerful keywords? 3. Do I answer all questions that are addressed in this article? Do I write clearly for readers to comprehend? 4. Are I providing enough images or other media? Is the article effective enough that readers would recommend their friendsto me? Even though the above 4 questions aren't intended as a bulletproof guide on writing an effective piece, they're questions should be considered. Use your own judgment and determine your own answers. Good luck with your article writing endeavours. I hope that this article provided you with more in-depth insight on writing article in your own style. 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