Advantages Of Using WordPress For Your Blog
Advantages Of Using WordPress For Your Blog
You Marketing aims to reach the right people, using the right message through the right medium, at the appropriate time. However, there are marketers who are caught in the details of colors schemes as well as the URL's name, using the right magic words, and selecting the best font. To be honest, when I started out I was also distracted by details, too. These details are important and can help to maximize your efforts, however If you're communicating the wrong things to the right group through the wrong medium and at the wrong time, then all those fancy and beautiful details aren't going to be of any use. So, in this article I'll share with you the four most important marketing Rs' that will make you a sniper rifle in hitting the proper the right target. Right Person To set the basis for the rest of the marketing decision you make, you have to know who your intended audience is. When marketing professionals talk about their the target audience, they are getting the right person. In order to find the right audience, it is divided into two types:
  1. Demographic information - This refers to information which is classified according to people's age, location, occupation or profession, as well as income and sex.
  2. Psychographic - This refers to the information that defines people by their interests, for example, like people who collect stamps or the type of sport individuals play.
You can find a lot of these pieces of information on your website or in your checkout process after they purchase something from you. You could also offer a brief survey to your customers via email and offer an incentive or a special report when they complete it. Alternatively, you may also consider arranging what is called a focus group, where you bring together an intimate group of between 15-25 of your current customers or potential customers and probe deep into their minds to find out what they are thinking about. Here's an interesting and true tale that you ought to know: BMW asked all their customers to send photos of themselves in front of the new car they bought. Customers believed that they wanted to see how happy they were make money online in front of the newly purchase car however, to be honest with you they placed them in the room and then used it for research. You might ask what sort of research are the people doing with those photos? In order to be able to see an accurate picture of the right candidate to target, they need these images. Clever? Right Message Once you are able to recognize who is talking to you, you are able to begin to identify what trigger points they're using. If you're not aware of what trigger points means is that it refers to emotional buttons on the part of consumers that trigger them to act. You see, human are emotional creatures. We purchase with our emotions. We then try to rationalize these purchases later using logic. If you can find out the needs of your customers and the reason they purchase, then you can begin to discuss those feelings in your marketing campaigns. Consider your last purchase for yourself, what was the selling reason or the message that drove you to buy? You could actually run an "Ask Campaign" to find the correct message with the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) to ask them what they value most. If you set up correctly, they will respond to you with the right answer to their trigger points. You must also find out where you target audience usually hang out on the web. Ask a question and observe how they answer. Right Medium The majority of us will utilize the internet to communicate with the people we want to reach because it is often the highest return on investment and also the lowest cost of entry. But what if your ideal audience is an old person who rarely log onto the internet? The point is, you have to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of various media, and how they work. It is important to know that while some target audience may be internet savvy, others may only read newspaper and printed publications. If you're able to understand the routines of your target audience then you can begin to utilize different media to reach them. You must reach with them in the correct moment but you must to know how to get them in touch with you. Below are some example apart from the web:
  • Direct post
  • Newspaper
  • Yellow pages
  • TV
  • Radio
We all will probably use the internet. Because of that, we have to understand this more. Here are a few examples of mediums on the internet:
    • Banners
    • Blogs
    • Videos
    • Social Networks
    • Forums
Let me ask you a question.
    Are you in the "upper hand" with your blog? If you've used WordPress to create a blog and publish content, then you are indeed doing so and I'll tell you why. 1- WordPress Is A CMS A majority of people think that WordPress is merely another blogging platform or software. Do not think of WordPress as a "blogging" software, because then you'll only use it when you wish to start your own blog. WordPress is a very simple, but full CMS or Content Management System which can be utilized for static websites such as e-commerce, corporate websites, and more. You name it. All you need to do is to find the perfect theme, and then you can download it for free online, along with the proper ways to transform it into a CMS. 2- WordPress is Scaleable It will be able to host thousands of pages on your blog. Start with a few pages and then in one year increase to 15,000. WordPress can easily handle this and you can include additional functions to increase the functionality of WordPress through plugins. You can also get all of these WordPress plugins for free over the internet. 3- WordPress is Open Source Do you have any knowledge of the term "Open Source" and what it is? You do not have to pay any royalty or monthly fees, except for the hosting company you use and your domain name to operate WordPress. I believe that sometimes people don't realize the potential of "Open "Source". It's like McDonald offering their recipes to you and allowing it is possible to improve and add features to their basic product without having to adhere to a number of limitations. Isn't that cool? I would love to be able to see the potential in this. This is the power of WordPress! You can hire anyone to modify your WordPress blog and turn it into anything you like. The possibilities are endless, and you do not have to pay any royalty or other meaningless fees. That's the upper hand and the benefit for using WordPress! By the way, I am talking about self-hosted WordPress as opposed to the free WordPress account on  

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